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At OPEC Banks' Worldwide Hotel Finance Division, we offer our clients Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rates, Matchless Financing Programs, and more than 150 years of hospitality financing experience creating a legacy that is unmatched in the industry. 

Why Partner With Us?

★★★ OPEC Banks' Worldwide Hotel Finance Division has long been a chosen partner of the Hotel & Hospitality Industry;

★★★ We have a team of dedicated Account Executives with over 150 years' combined sector experience and knowledge;

★★★ As the leading hotel financier in the world, we have a history of helping every project to succeed. 

Financing World's Most Luxurious Resorts, Casino-Hotels, Fine Restaurant Chains, Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Spas, Marinas, Wine Industry & Vineyards, Airlines, Tourism Industry, and Cruise Ship Projects from US$5000000 up to NO LIMIT -- Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

And Attractive Terms.

Need Financing for Your Leisure & Hospitality, Casino-Hotel, Resort, Golf Course, or a Tourism Industry Project?

 We Have All Need - From Start to Finish.

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